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Guitar BuildingĀ  & Maintenance

  • Project guitar: probably the best and most extensive site on guitar building, finishing and maintenance. Looks a little bit outdated though.

Guitar parts

  • My favorite parts webshop in Holland:
  • Rockinger in Germany also has a good collection (and they are very friendly). They sell the cheapest Schaller Floyd Roses.
  • for your cheap kits.
  • for cheap but good pick-ups. Their hardware is OK. It’s an American company so when ordering in Europe add shipping and custom’s taxes.
  • Stewart-MacDonald is probably the best webshop regarding guitar parts and luthier tools. Sadly you pay a lot for shipping and custom’s taxes.


Music (theory)

  • Justin Sandercoe. His site is a must for the beginner (and also intermediate and expert) guitarist
  • Ralph Patt Jazz backing tracks


Some of the Tools I use:

For making music:

  • Guitar Pro: excellent tool that creates good looking scores/tabs and mid. I use the older 5.0 version. Might soon upgrade to a newer version:
  • Band-in-a-box: haven’t used it a lot yet but will.
  • Garage Band: I use it on my Mac Mini, iPhone and iPad. Great tool for just playing around or get the feeling of chord changes.

For analysing music:

  • Magic Slow Downer

For playing guitar:

  • Amplitube on my iPhone and iPad
  • Line6
  • Guitar Rig 2

For graphics I use the following (free-ware) applications:

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