Back again!

Sorry everybody, I’ve been away for long time. Sorry for not replying to your comments but last two years have been very busy. My wife and I built a new house and that took lots of our time and energy. But the house is finished and it includes a guitar man-cave (my amps can be turned to 11 now!). I might post some pictures.

Anyway, a lot has happened. Saddest event of course was the death of Prince. I couldn’t believe my eyes when a friend sent a whatsapp with the sad message, it took me three days to recover. The best concerts I ever saw were by the little genius from Minneapolis (Lovesexy in 1988 and 20Ten in 2010) and I am absolutely going to miss him.

Not surprisingly, the death of Prince has caused an immense number of videos on youtube which are not being deleted. My favorites: Prince with Sheila E – ” a Love bizarre”, the Grammy performance of “Baby I’m a star” in 1985 and “Dance 4 Me” live on French television from 2009.

Other personal (guitar) news. Bought a second-hand Hohner G2T. My  Hohner G3T has some issues with the zero-fret which I had to replace. In order to always have a replacement I bought a second-hand G2T (the ‘2’ stands for the two humbuckers of this model instead of the ‘3’ which is the HSS set-up). I only totally had to ‘rebuilt’ the G2T and I decided to paint it in a groovy sparkling red color. Pictures coming up!

I got myself a BOSS GT100  multi-effect. Check my article on this nice piece of gear although it took me some time to master this beast (and I still haven’t completely mastered it…). I also added some articles on music theory, hope you like it.

Still working on the mini-Falcon (sorry Paul) and my Prince telecaster project. But plenty of time ahead! Keep coming back!